Shiden is a SHMUP in development by Gar Studios to be released September 2013.



The universe in Shiden is almost completely devoid of life. Artificial and Organic life has almost all been wiped out by the Zark. The largest civilization, the Galatic Federation has almost been completely destroyed, and it would appear life in the universe is approaching it’s final hour. However, a prototype ship, the Shiden, that was in development seems to have been sent out before it’s base was destroyed.

The Zark Armada is approaching the last small refuge of old civilization, a satellite will soon be swarmed by the billions of ships in the Zark Armada. The pilot of Shiden however has decided to protect this satellite at any cost.

Shiden is a shmup in development for PC/Mac/Linux and will possibly expand onto mobile platforms and Ouya (Depending on the success of it’s Kickstarter which can be found here. Shiden is an arcade style game in lieu of games such as “Do Don Pachi” and “Cho Ren Sha 68k.” It aims to be very difficult, but is not a pattern memorization shmup. The difficulty will come from bullet speed, pattern and reflexes.