‘Ships N’ Battles’ On iOS Is the next generation of handheld maritime combat


In collaboration with popular games- and app-portal, Daily App Dream (, independent developer Skahal Studios is proud to announce that their debut title ‘Ships N’ Battles (HD)’ is available as a FREE download in a special promotion for a limited period of time beginning June 24th, 2012.

‘Ships N’ Battles (HD)’ is the next generation of the popular pencil-and-paper game ‘Battleship’, which is a fun and entertaining maritime combat game familiar to most gamers today; originally a guessing game for two players prior to WWI, it was published by Milton Bradley Company in 1943 as the pad-and-pencil game, and as a board game in 1967. Compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and the Apple iPad®, ‘Ships N’ Battles (HD)’ offers players the opportunity to partake in a modern version of this classic game by controlling the most destructive power of the seas using nothing but your phone!

Featuring simplistic yet beautifully rendered HD graphics, your mission is to compete against your friends and enemies in a battle to the death in either single- or multi-player mode. Featuring 4 types of ships, 4 levels of difficulty, and 10 different bonuses including cools add-ons such as guided missiles, decoy vessels and radar devices, this game is locked and loaded with cool features. With Game Center Support, World Ranking Leader-boards and more than 30 achievements to unlock, ‘Ships N’ Battles (HD)’ takes virtual maritime combat to an unprecedented level.