Shotguns: The Absence of Skill

How many times have you been playing an online shooting game and just wanted to drop kick some one on the other end of your controller. When most people resort to running around a game with a shotgun due to the absence of skill, the funny thing is you can always tell when people resort to use it due to being terrible at the game. I admit sometimes a shotgun is a viable strategy depending on what the situation is, however if you are man then you will use a pump shotgun over a lame auto shotgun.

In most games it seems that a lot of shotguns are either game breaking or themselves just plain broken. This has been true in so many games, but so blatant in Gears of War and Battlefield 3. Gears features the sawed off which pretty much will allays allow you to win a one on one no matter how smart you are playing. Battlefield 3 featured frag rounds for the automatic shotguns which on hardcore was a huge game breaking item, until Dice finally nerfed them as the community cried out about them.

2 thoughts on “Shotguns: The Absence of Skill

  1. What about the original DOOM series? In DOOM, the shotgun was the staple weapon, and for many, it brings back fond memories. Does that mean the original Doom players are noobs :(?

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