Silverball Studios Extend Pro Pinball Kickstarter project to include XBLA.


silverball Studios today announced the inclusion of a new platform, XBLA, for the Pro Pinball  Kickstarter campaign, which went live on 5th September; due to increasing demand for additional platforms.
The campaign for the revival and remastering of the Pro Pinball series – widely regarded as the best pinball series ever made – has gathered great support from pinball and games fans alike. The campaign has a target of $400,000 in order to meet the promises of revival of the series with a brand new ultimate Pro Pinball table and the remastering of the four original Pro Pinball tables for PC, Mac and iOS. However, as impetus gathers and demand for more platforms increases the team have agreed to meet them.
If the project reaches its $400,000 goal, the games will also be made available on XBLA. Based on fan feedback the team is also considering adding PSN, Android and Ouya – a new gaming device due for release, after successful Kickstarter funding, in April 2013.

“We have had so many requests from fans for the games to made available on additional platforms that we want to try and meet the demand. As it stands we are planning on a number of additional platform versions and we have been polling the fans to find out which ones they want to see supported after this. Hopefully we can hit the $400,000 mark and make the project a success, now with the additional supporton XBLA. That would be the icing on the cake for our project.”said Adrian Barritt, CEO of Silverball Studios.

The Pro Pinball Facebook page has played host to a poll for fans to decide on theplatform they most want to see the series on and XBLA has been a clear winner.

S ilverball Studios will partner with pinball legend Pat Lawlor on successful $400,000 funding of the campaign to design the first new Pro Pinball ® table.
Lawlor said; ” I am so thrilled to be a part of this project and wait with baited breath for a successful outcome of the Kickstarter campaign. The pinball community has been crying out for this to become a reality and since the campaign went live I have been inundated with fans thrilled to see this project becoming a reality. Now with the addition of XBLA we can make sure that this brilliant series, and the new table I am elated to be designing, will be available on the platforms people most want. All I will say is make sure you pledge and make all of our dreams come true!”
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