Simplifying controls on iOS / Android


The 2D action/adventure game, Beach Whale, is bringing simplified controls to iOS and Android. Swimming as whales, players will easily be able to navigate obstacles and enemies without using a clunky and unreliable simulated d-pad. Whales constantly swim forward and are controlled using the tilt access – directing them to swim farther out to sea or to into the beach. Players may tap the left side of the screen to flap their tail and shoot water out of their blowhole. Tapping the right side of the screen will make the whale spit out items it has obtained, such as bombs. This innovative control mechanic allows players to focus on the game-play and not the position of their fingers.

Players gain speed by surfing waves that come from the sea. Using the tilt access, players can ride waves for long as possible, gaining more and more speed. Getting the whale stuck on rocks, nets, cages, or the sandy beach may result in a beached whale. Speed is essential to navigating deeper inland where fish and items may be collected. Fish are used to purchase new whales, upgrades, accessories, trophies, and new worlds. Every whale has unique statistics, some faster than others. Whales may be upgraded individually to utilize powers and increase statistics.

Although players collect fish and spend fish to unlock goodies and levels, Beach Whale is not just another casual game. At its core, Beach Whale is a 2D retro style action game. With four unique worlds and four different game modes: normal (level), boss, survival, and super boss, Beach Whale offers something new in every level. Levels are littered with bombs, enemies, and destructible obstacles. Boss fights are reminiscent of old school pattern based boss fights. Super Boss fights are very difficulty and require players to recognize cues and patterns to win.

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WHEN: Beach Whale will be available in the App Store on November 26, 2012.