Skylanders Giants Review (PS3)

So i had the privleg reviewing the new Skylanders Giants game, and i gotta tell you that its just as fun as the first Skylanders game.

The game’s plot is centered around the backstory between how the ancient Skylanders, who are the “Giants”, were separated from the rest of the normal sized Skylanders.

In the game, Kaos has awaken from being transformed into a toy on Earth, and uses a portal on himself to send himself back to Skylands. This has the unexpected effect of electrocuting him, which causes electricity to linger around him. This awakens an ancient Arkeyan Conquertron, which Kaos proceeds to take control of, and begins to search for the Lost City of Arkus, which holds the Glove of Arkus; an object of immense power that allows the wielder to control the ancient Arkeyans. Around this time Flynn has bought a new airship, called the Dreadyacht. The Skylanders and Cali board the ship, and together they go on various quests to try and stop Kaos, aided by the reawakened Giants, who were the first Skylanders.

The game has several missions and quests to do, so you wont run out of gameplay for quite some time. Each quest has multiple secret areas and some area restrictions on them. The area restrictions are easy to get into if you have the right type of Skylander to get past the barrier. Also throughout these quests there is additional powerups for each character like the hats that have different powers and also, additional powers for the Skylanders.

Skylanders Giants also includes challenges that are often timed and very intense when you have only a few seconds left to complete a lot of other items in the challenge.

One other feature this game has is a multiplayer mode and that includes head to head battling against you and your friends Skylanders. The two player mode needs at least 2 controllers, one portal, and 2 Skylanders.

The Figures for Giants have gotten bigger and better. The giants are in a league of there own having very high stats like Crusher, which has very high attack and defense, but kinda lack in speed and luck. They have also released some new toys called lightcore and unlike the regular toys, these ones light up when you put them on the Portal of Power. Last but not least are the original figures that works on both games. They have released new figures in each of its catagories but have redone some of the original Skylanders figures to become a more powerful version of their former self’s.

The version i had the honor to review was the starter box that comes with 2 normal size Skylanders, 1 Skylanders Giant, 1 Portal of Power, and the actual video game itself in it. That set is gonna cost you around $75.00 for the starter set. This game was very fun and like the previous game which i had enjoyed. you just might need to buy at least one Skylander to fully enjoy the game, allowing you to explore all areas.

I really liked this game and that’s why i am giving this personal game rating a 9/10. The reason why the game was very close to a 10 was that it has a great story and a really fun concept, but same as the last is the lack of multiplayer options. But nonetheless this game is very entertaining and is a highly recommended game by me so go out and have fun with the Skylanders.

Thanks for reading my review today and i hope that this will tell you a little more then you know about the Skylanders Giants game, and i also hope that you guys take this opportunity to purchase it and have fun changing your character.

Once again thanks everybody.