Skylanders Swapforce Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing one of Activations’ newest games known as Skylanders Swap Force. This game is the third installment of the series and is a sequel to the the Skylanders Giants. Swap Force has the same grab and go characters where you can play as whichever character you like and however you want to play like. Now the main thing in this game is the swap force characters themselves. What’s cool about them is that you can take a swap force character and switch either the top or bottom half of them and switch it with the top or bottom of another swap force character. For example you like the attacks for rattle shake and the teleporting power of hoot loop well then switch them around and now you have rattle loop so your able to have the best of both worlds.

The feel of the game is great and its just like the others, but with more customization with the swap force characters. Activision had said that there is over 250 combinations with the swap force characters so you would have to see which characteristics you like from each skylander and make an unstoppable warrior just the way you like. Another thing that’s cool with this game is that you can bring all your old skylanders from both spyros adventure and giants and play them on swap force with all their same stats you carried over in the previous game. This allows you to continue your quest with your favorite skylander all pumped up and possibly even bulking him up some more past the level you had them at so they can learn more attacks or gain special power ups.

Swap Force is different but still the same at the same time, meaning you have new characters, new powers, new lands, and new missions, but its still the same game play as the others and no free roam so you can’t get lost. Everything is straight forward and not hard to figure out at all, but their is a few puzzles in there that make you use your brain, so its not all cake. Even though the game is kinda simple it doesn’t take away from the fun factor, so if you have kids this is a perfect game to play with them so they can have fun and you won’t be bored playing an easy game with them.

The only thing that kinda bothers me about these games is that it could get real expensive fast. A single character cost about $10 and the big and exclusive ones are about $15 and above which if you decide to get more then one of each will end up making a big hole in your wallet. My final thought on the game are very good. Activision rarely makes bad games and this will definitely not be going into that category. The only thing I wish they would change is just the price of everything then I believe they could possibly see more people buying their product. Other then that great game Activision.