Slappa MATRIX BackPack GAMER Bundle Review

So the good folks at Slappa sent over their MATRIX BackPack for me to checkout, to be honest I’ve never really reviewed a backpack or anything in that nature ever before. Nor have I’ve been a big pack/bag person i usually use whatever fits my stuff which isn’t very easy. Many times I’ve used old back packs so full that they barley closed, so to my luck right when i was in the market to purchase something to fit all my gear Slappa came to the rescue.

Now since this is my first non game or tech review I’m going to mix things up in my review then what your probably use to seeing from me.

Lets start off by with i think is the most important factor to me comfort many people who i know, when searching for a new backpack many people look to see how much stuff they can fit into it, but not me if I’m going to have this bag on my back all day to cover events like Comic Con, E3 and CES. So I want something comfortable and this pack delivers the straps are heavily padded along with the lower back area which makes it really easy and comfortable when you have a ton of stuff in there.

Next is the storage space it is pretty ridiculous how much i was able to fit in this backpack not only was i able to have my 15″ laptop and power cord but i also fit inside my Xbox 360, 2 controllers , all the cables that come along with it, a few games in their cases mind you, my iPad, it’s power cord, DSLR camera, a mouse, headsets,batteries,note pad, pens,pencils some random cables, and heck even a few snacks that you can store in a “cool lined pocket” which is also water proof.When with all that the backpack still felt comfortable and maintained it’s shape, no issues closing each pocket, and to my amazement there was still room for more stuff.

What make this backpack so freaking amazing is when you look at the backpack it doesn’t look very large at all, i was pretty confident that my laptop was barley going to fit let alone everything i listed above.

I’ve only tried my hands on the Matrix Backpack so i can’t say the same about the rest of Slappa’s line but if they’re all on par with the Matrix i highly recommend you picking up one of these backpack especially the Matrix.

Product Specifications:
15.4″ Outer Bag Dimensions 13″(w) x 21″(h)
– Laptop Compartment Dimensions 12″(w) x 15″(h) x 2.5″(d)
– Main Compartment Dimensions 12″(w) x 19″(h) x 5″(d)
– Weight (empty) 3.45 lbs
17″ Outer Bag Dimensions 15″(w) x 22″(h)
– Laptop Compartment Dimensions 14″(w) x 16″(h) x 2.5″(d)
– Main Compartment Dimensions 14″(w) x 20″(h) x 5″(d)
– Weight (empty) 4.5 lbs

If you in the market for a great, reliable, comfortable and spacious backpack i recommend you pick up a Slappa bag i give the Matrix Gamer backpack a 9 out of 10 a awesome buy for any gamer, check out their website for more selection.