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Snoopy Flying Ace Review

He’s fast, sneaky, and has an incredible imagination…It’s Snoopy!

There is a war going on and Snoopy is the chosen one who fights against the Red Baron and the rest of his crew.

Graphics are great, the controls are easy to get used to, the missions are fun and very entertaining.

The controls are pretty simple, use the left analog stick to steer and right stick to make some cool stunts

Customization is great! there is a lot of options of weapons and different airplanes to choose from. you can even use your Avatar or any of the Peanuts gang to fight.
Besides having an array of airplanes to choose from, you also count with alot of machine guns and weapons you can switch between the weapons in battle

Snoopy Flying Ace also has many gameplay modes:  It has 1-2 players & co-op; and online  2-16 players as well as 1-2 co-op.

One cool thing  I noticed is the sound effects, it has that muffled effect when you’re in battle, kinda like what you hear in movies and other games; at first I thought it wasn’t the game, so it feels pretty real.

The gameplay is flying shooter game, that is very easy to get used to, alot of missions are target shooting for still and moving objects, and the  different maps and situations make the game very interesting and fun.
I definitely recommend this game for anyone who not just a big Snoopy fan like I am, but to anyone who wants to play a fun, funny and  entertaining flying shooter game.

I rate this game a 10 out of 10. Snoopy Flying Ace is available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Points.

Check out some  Screen shots and trailer: