SOE trimms its workforce by 5%

the-agencyIt seems that this past Friday, Sony Online Entertainment did some cutbacks. In a statement issued to online MMO site, Sony announced the departure of 41 of it’s full-time employees. While not stating what departments were directly affected, we can all be pretty sure Star Wars Galaxies is on its way out, as SOE will surly focus the majority of it’s attention on it’s upcoming MMOs “The Agency” and “DC Universe”.

Sony’s final word on the matter:

“In a move to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, Sony Online Entertainment has eliminated 5% of its full-time workforce, equaling 41 people. SOE looks forward to continuing its leadership role in the online games industry as it celebrates the highly successful launch of Free Realms, the 10-year commemoration of its ground-breaking EverQuest franchise, and the continued performance of the company’s other games.”