Soldier of War for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

If you want to really hone your hand eye coordination skills then Soldier of  War is for you, its a cool little game from Braineaters Games.  Its play mechanic reminds me of Guitar Hero but instead of trying to hit the right notes you have to hit the buttons and sliders at the right time to save the Innocent civilians and dispatch your enemies.

The gameplay is straight forward, you must kill the enemy before they break into your base  and save the innocent civilians.  To kill the enemy you must tap the large red button at the bottom of the screen which in turn closes a wall on the enemy crushing them and to save the civilians you must pull back a slider to open up access to a set of stairs that will lead them to safety. As far as difficulty I found the game to be very challenging, actually it was downright hard at times but that what makes it fun.

I like the art style they went with in the game it looks cool.The music and sound effects also work well for the game, they put you in the mood.

Soldier of War offer

16 levels of play

4 game types

Scoreloop system for online highscores

Overall I would say Soldier of War is an fun and challenging game, I  give it a 8 out of 10 Check it out.