Sonic Unleashed for mobile.


Gameloft®, a leading publisher and developer of video games on mobile phones and consoles, today announced a licensing agreement with SEGA® Europe Ltd. to develop, publish and distribute multiple mobile games based on SEGA brands. This is the first partnership between Gameloft and SEGA® Europe Ltd.

“We are confident this agreement will be the first step towards a long term partnership between Gameloft and SEGA,” said Michel Guillemot, president, Gameloft. “SEGA’s great brands coupled with Gameloft’s long standing history of excellence in mobile game development can only result in an extraordinary mobile experience for consumers.”

“With so much entertainment on the go, it seems natural to provide fans with a mobile game based on the much loved Sonic brand,” said Gary Rowe, A&R Director, SEGA® Europe Ltd. “Gameloft’s unwavering commitment to quality mobile games combined with a successful track record of bestsellers and unmatched worldwide distribution make them uniquely qualified to develop Sonic Unleashed™ for mobile.”

The mobile game will be a high speed 2D side-scrolling adventure that stays true to what’s made Sonic such a popular and critical success over the years, both through environment and gameplay. Featuring dual gameplay, players will be able to engage as the regular Sonic the Hedgehog or Werehog, a werewolf who comes out at night, moves slower, but possesses incredible strength. The mobile game will once again pit Sonic against Dr. Eggman, taking him across several continents to collect the chaos emeralds to save the world. Exclusive to the mobile game, Sonic Unleashed for mobile will feature a new personality with exciting new skills.