Sony And Sideshow Collectibles Teaming Up

Sony is teaming up with Sideshow Collectibles to bring to the masses a great looking God of War statue.  Sounds like Sony has been listening to the gamers who have been wanting some great looking collectibles based on there favorite games. With the recent release of Resistance 2 and Rachet & Clank figures from DC Direct shows that Sony is ready to bring every consumer collectible goodness. Sideshow Collectibles are known for there great looking figures and the level of detail applied to everyone of that comes out of there doors. The picture above is from the kratos prototype figure, it may just be a prototype but the statue looks awesome very accurate to Kratos likeness from the game. I wonder if we could be seeing this great looking figure in God Of War III collector’s edition. If I recall the survey released a few months back what would you like on your GOW III collector’s edition did hint about a kratos Figure. What do you think is this something you might want to be included in your collector’s edition?