Sony To Announce Premium PSN At E3

According to a report from VG247 Sony will be unveiling there premium Playstation Network at E3. Premium class subscribers are said to get access to a free PSN games each month from a choice of 2-4 each month. A streaming music services with the ability to play your music while you play, presumably among other services, for “less than £50 per year,” or under $70 US dollars. For those not willing to put up the money for premium PSN no worries nothing will be removed from the current version PSN.

VG247 also claim ‘Rumours that cross-game voice chat is being saved as a paid feature are apparently not true.’ “I can tell you now, 100 percent, that that’s not the case,” our man continued.’

Take in mind this is all just rumors at the moment, The PSN staying free forever is inevitable so my questions to all of you is when it does happen will you be willing cough up your hard earn cash?