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Sorcery game for iOS Devises

I downloaded Sorcery and Sorcery 2 and being asked to review this game, I never imagined it would be anything as good as this. It is a RPG Story type game, it is great if you don’t have time to read physical books because you can get immersed within the story and the actions you select guides the story in different directions.


It reminds me of Harry Potter with the Sorcery and Spells that you need to perform. You get a certain amount of health points and once they are diminished you die, so a good pointer is to carry around food to top up your health if it starts to get low. You follow a map and you go round it to all the different destinations that you need to explore.


It is quite fun and interactive, I recommend it!


The controls are simple to navigate.. you just draw in the direction to get to the next island to explore.. the most part of the game is the story/ reading which draws you in. If you don’t like a lot of dialogue in games then this one won’t be for you, but if you do then you will love it!


Also a useful tip is to study the “spell book” within the main menu to learn how to cast specific spells in order to knock out your opponent. It is a new interactive way to place a RPG with a story book effect!


Find out more about the game at:


I give  Sorcery 1 & 2 a 8/10 really fun game.