Source Filmmaker Beta Release Today

Good news for all of the creative minds out there, the Source Filmmaker beta is being released today. This is the software used in many of the animated videos Valve releases, like their immensely popular “Meet the” series for Team Fortress 2, and trailers for their other games like Left  for Dead 2 and Portal 2.

One of my favorite things about Source Filmmaker is that you can take actual game footage and edit parts of it, and manipulate parts so they come out how you envision it to be, or even create a new animation from scratch and use it. This is definitely something people interested in animation or cinematography should look into, and its generous of valve to put out the tools they use for their videos.

More information about Source Filmmaker can be found here, which includes their blog , FAQs, and Wiki. You can also sign up for the beta on the site, but you need to have Steam installed.