Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Review (PS3)

Let start off by saying that this Spider-Man game is a great addition to the marvel franchise. This game is nothing short of Batman: Arkham Asylum, but with the exception of being a spider and no free roam. Anyways this game starts you off as Peter Parker, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man getting thrown around by Anti-Venom AKA Eddie Brock. Once Spider-Man tries to fight back, a voice from the future which is, Miguel O`Hara the Spider-Man of 2099.

He tries to help Peter win this fight, but ends up dieing. Then Spider-Man 2099 goes back in time to try and stop these events from happening.
The first mission starts you off as Miguel and you are breaking into the Alchemax building. This part will end up training you how to play. Throughout the game you switch between Miguel and Peter to fix the time portals so that each Spider-Mans reality can stay the same. This game has many intense fights, epic boss battles, and a very twisted story line to go with it.

Throughout the level you go around collecting orbs and golden spiders, in which they give you crazy combos or more health, so you can spend them any way you like. This game is really straight forward and no heavy thinking is required, but all the fights and switching between times gets you so into the story, that it doesn’t really matter how easy it is to find where your going next. Just good luck trying to get there.

Each Spider-Man has their own unique traits and special moves, so i say boost a lot of the Spidey you don’t like so it can be easier for you when you use him.
I would have to give this game a Perfect 10/10. The story is fresh and the gameplay is fantastic, it has you so wrapped up in the story you wont even know that you have been playing it for like five hours straight,  like I was. This game is a Marvel Master piece, a one of a kind game, and a need to own title for all the Spider-Man lovers out there. I promise, this game will have your Spidey sense tingling.