Spider man: Homecoming Cast

A picture was recently posted on twitter of supposedly the cast of Spider Man Homecoming releasing next year and was quickly removed but you can’t expect the picture to be gone, i mean it’s the internet… It revealed new villains which i will talk about later but what impacted me the most was Zendaya still named as the character Michelle Gonzales. Michelle is a character created by Mark Waid during the Amazing Spider Man run, who caught the eye of Parker when he had separated from Mary Jane.


I think Zendaya would do great in any character given to her, but i would highly like for that character to be Mary Jane Watson who is one of my favorite characters and would love to see what Marvel would do with that character. There has been a lot a controversy when it was rumored that Zendaya would play MJ and a lot of hate circulating the internet, but common people is 2016! You could be any race or gender as long as you do justice to the character, just as Samuel L. Jackson did to Nick Fury, and Will Smith did to Deathshot. You could also resemble the character and not do it justice, like Jared Leto….


Enough said, in my personal opinion i would love to see Zendaya play the iconic Mary Jane Watson.mj