My Thoughts On Splinter Cell Convinction

File:Splinter Cell Conviction Cover.jpg

You know I was a a big a fan of Splinter Cell when I first start to play sneaking up to people and grabing them and choking them and them dragging them into the dark so know will know there and I will get caught thats awesome.I cant wait till Splinter Cell Convinction comes its going to be a great game its going to be a big hit.I think its going to have a high rating and if I would have to rate it I would rate it a 9.5……I also hope there’s a good story like the other ones have had like the others have had.I know they know what there doing.Lets see what happens in April.

I also forgot to point out that I hope Micheal Ironside is the voice of Sam Fisher for the Character cause if not then it wouldn’t be the same…. It just wouldn’t be Splinter Cell.