1. Wow, this was near the length of a Rogan podcast which is a podcast I religiously listen to. Thanks to Paul every time I see Michael Fassbender and I am going to think “Fassenburger” along with robots pronounced “Rubits” thanks to Jose Padilha who is directing Robocop LOL!

    I believe I was misunderstood on the Liux/PS3 issue. The point that I was trying to make was that the MAJOR issue with developing for the PS3 was the Cell processor. Yes, I understand there are issues when porting from Microsoft to Linux and it is much easier to port from Linux to Microsoft and I understand that Linux is not as friendly as Microsoft. This isn’t the first console that Sony has used Linux for development. Developers are used to the Linux SDKs that Sony provides but the Cell processor was a pain to work with and it was a new beast. Do you see any more Cell processors?? lol
    If Sony would have used a processor similar to the Xbox 360 you would see a lot less complaints.

    I love Peter Dinkladge and all but why is he playing Trask?? I find it odd that X-Men:DOFS and Avengers 2 are both going to have Quicksilver and they are played by two different people both of whom play in Kick-Ass. This could be confusing…however, is this a sign of an X-Men/Avengers movie??

  2. Ty,
    Thanks for listening again! 🙂 I don’t know maybe they will have both actors play in both movies if this happens then we might have some cross over movies at least I hope. Thank you again for listening! 🙂

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