“Star Trek Into Darkness” Review



As the saying of Star Trek go where no one has gone before director J.J. Abrams didn’t remember this he strays into remaking territory well not so much of a remake more of a retelling his take on the old film “Star Trek II” Wrath of Khan”, continuing after the 2009 hit Star Trek we see the USS Enterprise crew and its captain Kirk on a mission to save a civilization from death but compensations erupt. Spock risks his life entering a volcano to stop it from erupting but in the process spock gets stuck in the volcano right when it is about to erupt so the problem arises for kirk to decide to save spock or endanger the mission, he decides to save spock have saving the civilization but altering their culture and beliefs  causing spock and kirk into an argument. This sets up the theme of the film Kirk will be thrown into dark life risking choices of his and his crew, the new villain named George Harrison starts a one man war with the federation killing thousands including Captain Pike forces Kirk into a manhunt for revenge. Through out the film were are given amazing and my gosh amazing action sequences and Benedict Cumberbatch is a terrific  actor as George Harrison who later reveals himself as Khan a superhuman being who was frozen with his crew who was awoken to from the federation to create advance weapons. Overall this film was great but the only problem i had was it didn’t feel fresh and new yes the homage to Star Trek II:Wrath Of Khan were great and spock yelling the famous line “KHAAAAAAN” was awesome, that being said even if your not into Star Trek you should still see this film it was very enjoyable it has the action,drama,tension, any summer blockbuster needs and more. If there is a third film i hope it goes as the saying somewhere where no one has gone before.

The film gets a 3 out 4.