Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures New Screenshots

Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company are working on the release of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, a free-to-play family-friendly online virtual world. Clone Wars Adventures is an online virtual world where fans can live out the action and adventure of Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series on Cartoon Network.

“Through our collaboration with TransGaming, Mac and PC players are able to play together seamlessly on both Free Realms and now Clone Wars Adventures, and we will continue to look for opportunities with future games to do the same.” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment.

Clone Wars Adventures is looking to be the ultimate virtual destination for fans of the TV series where players go online to experience fun mini-games, daily activities, events, rewards, lively social environments, and competitions.

Here are the newest screenshots for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: