Star Wars: The Old Republic Cartel Market PTS

Bioware opened up the new Cartel Market, which will be the new cash shop when Swtor goes free to play in the pts today. The preview set characters to subscriber status and gave them cartel coins(the new currency) which allowed them to purchase different items and get a feel for what kind of things will be available in the market.

I played with it for a couple of hours and am very glad to report that besides exp and social point bonuses there is absolutely no form of pay to win in the shop, which can be a plague for F2P games. You are able to purchase gear, however they come with horrible mods in them so you will still have to get those the old fashion way. Some of the most notable items were custom armor sets allowing your character to look like other classes and the most awesome mount of any mmo the sith meditation chair(posted above). I can’t wait for the new market to launch in game, also from what I saw in the unlocks if you are waiting to play just F2P I recommend at least paying one month to unlock all of the features otherwise you are going to have to pay a lot of money.