Starcraft 2 team Slayers disbands

The professional Starcraft 2 team, Slayers, has officially announced that it will disband in November. A number of events contributed to the team’s demise, a few being: the poor relationship with the Federation, money, and the broken bonds with certain team players. BoxeR, who formed Slayers, had left the team to coach for SK Telelcom T1 in August. One player, MMA, also known as “the son of BoxeR,” is one of the most successful players in the SC2 scene, but was moved to the B-team, which in part led to his falling out with BoxeR.

While the SC2 scene has been in distress, the LoL scene has been busy bathing in its success. Some say this has been due to Riot’s success in continually updating LoL, while Blizzard is struggling to please the community with the Heart of the Swarm expansion, which may end up being a disappointment. Puzzle, Coca, and Min of Slayers have retired from SC2 and switched to League of Legends. Whether it was out of more enjoyment or they saw the direction SC2 was headed, I can’t wait to see how they will fare!