Stars posied for Huge seasons in 2013


There is a lot of change coming to the NFL next season. Every season there comes along a player that turns into a star and has everyone talking about them. Two years ago it was Victor Cruz. This year it was a couple of people like Randall Cobb, Eric Decker, Collin Kaepernick, and Dez Bryant. Everyone expect Brees, Brady, and Rodgers to have greeat seasons as well as Adrian Peterson, but this year coming up there will be a couple of breakout stars. Here are the top 5 breakout stars in my opinion.

1. Jay Cutler- Jay Cutler is primed to have the best year of his career due to the offensive explosion the bears will have with their new coaches.

2. David Wilson(New York Giants)- Wilson will have plenty of chances to show off his incredible ability due to the fact that Bradshaw is no longer with the team.

3. Ryan Tannehill- Ryan had an average season for a rookie this past year, now there are rumors that Greg Jennings could make his way to Miami, this will help Ryan take the next step towards greatness.

4. Andrew Luck- Luck will break some records this up coming year. Luck was already great, but now he will be elite. Luck is going to make those strides extremely quick and have an incredible season next year just because he is that good.

5. Andy Dalton- Andy Dalton is one more receiver away from becoming scary good. If the Bengals can get him another good receiver Dalton will make a huge impact in the league.