State of Decay Multiplayer No Longer Coming?


A sad day has dawned upon us for any of us State of Decay fans. It looks like after a very long hiatus with sparse comments and grim outlooks, Undead Labs has finally announced that they’re cancelling the multiplayer component of State of Decay.

Undead Labs had to cut the multiplayer component of the game due to development constraints, they attempted to assure fans via twitter that hopefully they’d be able to roll out a patch. “There was no promise. We said we wanted to, it killed us to cut it, and we had hopes for the future. Those things are all true. – Undead Labs twitter”

With one finalized message, Undead Labs have axed the idea of MP coming as DLC, “It’s not simply a matter of adding the technology, but also redesigning core game systems to support multiple players, and then adding new content designed for people to play together. It’s easy to imagine how all that would come together — as many have said, the game is practically begging for it — but retrofitting the game to add that experience would take the rest of this year, and well into the next. Worse, it would preclude our ability to offer any other kind of support for the game, including Title Updates and DLC.”