Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America in the MCU

There has been speculation on Steve Rogers not being Captain America anymore because of the scene in Captain America: Civil War where Rogers drops his shield towards the end of the movie. Those where only rumors and i myself hoped that it would stay as rumors, but sadly in a recent interview the Russo Brothers confirmed to Huffington Post that Rogers dropping his iconic shield meant him letting go of his identity.


They did state that this doesn’t mean that the character won’t appear in the upcoming movie Avengers :Infinity War. So perhaps we will be seeing his other identity Nomad, Steve Rogers in the comics took the new identity when he had lost complete faith in his government.


Now the other question is, is anyone going to replace Captain America like in the comics? And if so, who? It could be ether the Winter Soldier ( Bucky Barnes) or Falcon. Both of them took the mantle in the comics but my personal preference would be Falcon, i enjoyed his version better in the comics but it could go eather way if it where to happen. What are your thoughts? #teamfalcon