Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announcement Trailer

It’s been 30 years since Street fighter 1 was first released into the arcade and technically the started the street fighter series. Well it wasn’t until Street fighter 2 came along is when the street fighter we know and love came to be. 

Now to celebrate it’s 30th year anniversary, Capcom is bringing a collection game to your home console which consist of 12 classic Street fighter games! That’s right, the collection will consist of Street fighter 1, all Street fighter 2 iterations, all Alpha series entries, and all Street fighter 3 entries.  Also Hyper street fighter 2, Super Street fighter 2 Turbo, Street fighter Alpha 3, and Street fighter 3 Third Strike will have online capabilities.

This collection is set to be release on May 2018 for the ps4, Xbox one, and Nintendo Switch

Just check out the trailer here: