Street Fighter 5 PC Tournament Update.

*As we all know there is some major issues going on with SF5 right now we’re hoping these will be fixed before our event on Friday, if not at worst case we will switch it to Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Xbox 360s.*

If everything goes fine then here’s the details.

Sign-ups start at 5:00 pm

Tournament start at 6:00 pm.

Event is free to enter with prizes going to the winner (which range from games, headsets, controllers to accessories).

There will be casuals for those who just want to hangout.

Players are welcome to bring their own fight sticks.

tournament will be double elimination, all matches are best of 3 and all finals are best of 5.

the event will be held at the Microsoft store at the Fashion Valley mall

*Times are subject to change.

Any questions please send them to