Thought this would be something you guys in America would be interested in. The UK Streetpass.  More information can be found here:


Themes are used for each event, they are based upon one specific game such as: Pokemon or Animal Crossing and people all come together in one place and play the game against each other and meet some new faces.


Today we had a Pokemon X and Y event, what could be better Pokemon in 3D- I’d say that’s pretty awesome!! We tend to meet in the same bar for every event- this bar in particular is one of my favourite places to go since it is movie themed, a really cool atmosphere! the burgers are also pretty tasty 🙂

People had to wear an item of clothing relating to Pokemon so I had a Yellow Pikachu t-shirt on which is really cute!

During the day I battled and levelled up my Pokemon, I need to definitely get stronger but I am really enjoying the adventure. I think this new version is much better in terms of graphics and the storyline with some extra features. I miss the classic Jessie, James, Ash and Misty from the good old days.. do any of you agree? I love the Street Pass events because you get to meet like minded people which is great ( none of my friends like games so I am glad I found out about these events).

Our next event will be in the same venue- will be a Christmas party- I sure am looking forward to that!


Just wondering what you have been doing in your Street Pass recently down in America, be good to know more. I will be posting this on my Street Pass group for my fellow gamers to read.