Strike it rich in 1849 gold rush sim, released today for PC, Mac, iPad, & Android Tablets

The year is 1849, and gold has just been discovered in Northern California! Grab a pickaxe and claim your fortune in SomaSim’s new game 1849, a bustling Gold Rush sim reminiscent of city management classics like SimCity and Caesar III. Following an early access beta release and acceptance by Steam Greenlight, the final version of 1849 is now available worldwide for download on PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets (see below for links).

Set during an unparalleled period of American history, 1849 features 20 levels set in existing California cities brought to life with graphics inspired by period photographs and surviving architecture. In each level, players must establish and grow the local economy while balancing citizens’ needs against the backdrop of real Gold Rush scenarios and challenges. Should Sacramento be a mining town, a farming community, or a hub for trade? Will the pioneers flocking into Monterey become productive prospectors or devolve into unruly drunks at the local saloon? That’s your call!

Two versions of 1849 have been released:

Mobile version (iPad & Android tablets) includes a story mode and the ability to replay scenarios to try different strategies in each city. This version sells for $4.99 USD from the App Store ( and Google Play (
Desktop version (PC & Mac) includes story mode, the ability to replay scenarios, and an open-ended sandbox mode. This version sells for $14.99 USD from Steam (, GOG (, IndieGameStand (, GamersGate (, and the developers’ website (

In both versions, the gameplay has been tuned to accommodate brief play sessions or longer marathons, with no in-app purchases or incremental charges to mar the experience.