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Super Mega Bob – Berry shootin’ blue ball fights freakin’ moving lasers!

One man indie ‘studio’ Jenito Games has launched its Kickstarter for an insanely difficult little 2D shmup/adventure/platformer/puzzle game, Super Mega Bob. This Bob ain’t just super, he’s darn mega, too!

In Super Mega Bob you guide a cute (yet devilishly fierce) little blue hero around a colorful world in search of his one true love. But this bad boy knows how to dish out the pain! It offers classic retro action and mixes elements from older games like Mega Man, The Adventures of Lolo, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, and Jetpack while taking modern cues from games like The Binding of Isaac and even Diablo III.

‘I really wanted a hard game that was just hard, not one of these cheesy little rage games where it’s just stupid hard because it kills you and there’s no way to avoid it,’ says Daniel Hall, the crazed yet charmingly handsome bloke behind the genius of Super Mega Bob. ‘I wanted a game that was hard like Mega Man or Contra, where you can’t blame the game for killing you because you know it was your own blasted fault. That’s true difficulty!’

Gameplay is like this:
Fly around, destroy enemies, collect health and coins, get performance based upgrades, buy extra equipment, pimp out Bob, and fight bosses throughout the game.


* Challenging Blend of Styles: The game is a shooter which also requires careful, puzzle-like precision
* Extreme Player Satisfaction: You’ll often be destroying 100+ enemies per level, and there are plenty of upgrades to keep you engaged
* High Difficulty Level: Enemies, lasers, and bosses combine for an extremely hard, retro experience
* Unique Environment: Super Mega Bob features beautiful, colorful pixel art and a gorgeous day/night and weather cycle
* Fantastic Chiptune: The game is loaded with carefully crafted chiptune that is both enjoyable and nostalgic