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“Super Smash Bros” Huge Update Coming Soon


Nintendo is going to release a new huge update and Paid DLC for “Super Smash Bros” for the WiiU and 3DS. The update will release in Japan first on July 31, which will include Mii Costumes, stages, and the most wanted Tourney mode plus being able to upload replays to youtube.

There is no release date for when the stages and Mii Costumes but for Tourney mode will release some time next month.

Here are photos of the costumes and stages:

King K. Rool


King K.Rool is the bad guy from Donkey Kong, Fans wanted King K. Rool in smash as a regular fighter but i guess this is close enough.



From the Fire Emblem series Chrom was teased in the trailer for Lucina seem like to avoid many Fire Emblems character they made this to appease fans.

Hyrule Castle 64


The Classic stage we spent most of our childhood is returning which is awesome.

Peach’s Castle 64


Another classic stage is making a comeback which looks awesome.

What do you guys think of the upcoming update?