Super Snack Time Delivers Generous Servings of Fun


Independent developer Little Guy Games announced today the launch of its latest action-packed arcade game Super Snack Time for iOS devices.

Players take on the role of Hoggy, a fearless hedgehog who is next in line to become the Master of the Order of the Snack. Armed with the sage advice of the wise Snack Master Mr. MiHoggy, players must defend their home world from the tasty Gobblen invasion. War… what is it good for? Apparently, an excellent meal every now and then.

Using the touch controls, fling Hoggy into the sky to pop Gobblens of all shapes, sizes and flavors before they disappear and it’s game over! Players can rack up high scores to compete with their friends in Game Center and spend their collected coins on weapon upgrades, costumes and power-ups to augment their popping prowess.

“We’re excited to unleash Super Snack Time onto the world” said Tom Frencel, CEO of Little Guy Games. “I’ve tasted the rainbow… and honestly, I thought we could do better. Super Snack Time is the result of that thought.”