Symphony now on the PC!

Empty Clip Studio ,the creators of the music-puzzle game Groovin’ Blocks, has released their vertical-shooter Symphony today. This game can be downloaded through their digital partners. The soundtrack for this game has been created between Empty Clip and a range of indie up-and-coming musicians so this game is sure to have a diverse  range of genres from Electronic to folk.

In this vertical shooter, players can use the music provided or their own collection, making this game something that any music lover would want to play. Besides the customizable playlists, players can also customize their ships, discover, and upgrade items.

Some of the musicians that are adding their own sound to this game are Dynasty Electric, Evan Gamble, James Young, John Belkot, Joshua Bornfield, Marc de Clive-Lowe, Mercer Friendly, Prettydead Ferrari, Seasick Mama and Soliton.

The story for this game? Basically you are trying to “liberate” your music. The “Symphony of Souls” has been captured by an unknown entity that is absorbing and corrupting your songs. You have to defeat five sets of bosses to reach and reclaim your music.

Symphony is available now and only $9.99! You can go here for more information as it gets updated. Here are some screenshots to take a look at.