System Mechanic 10.5 Review

System Mechanic isn’t just another quick easy fix software for your PC. Its part of scientific research witch was started in 2001 to find out why PCs slow down and become unstable over time, and then find out how to reverse this aging process. iolo technologies offer two versions the standard and Pro. The standard version will fix and speed up your computer by optimizing it for peak performance, repairing problems and errors, cleaning up the system clutter and fixing security vulnerabilities. The Pro version extras include a top rated Antivirus program, upgrade to 5 Gigabytes of secure online storage, the iolo Personal Firewall, Search and Recover to rescue deleted files and DriverScrubber to secure and erase data from a used hard drive. The standard and Pro version normally goes for $49.95 (Standard) and $69.95 (Pro) , but as if right now you can purchase the standard and Pro for $39.95 and $49.95.

System Analysis is Required

The installation process straightforward. all you have to do is follow the onscreen guide. Once System Mechanic has finished installing and you starts up for the first time you are prompted with a very snazzy looking dashboard witch reads Overall, Health, Security  and the analyze now.  After pressing the analyze button the actual process only took seconds to receive my results. System Mechanics was able to find 7 problems with my laptop.

System Status is Fair

  •  14 Repairable security vulnerabilities
  • 704 registry problems
  • computer has 427.39mb system clutter
  • 3 unnecessary start up items
  • internet configuration in not optimized for maximum speed
  • registry has never been backed up
  • tune up definition out of date


After System Mechanics has taken care of the problems found on my laptop a dashboard  stating that  System Status is Good. I decided to restart my laptop to see if  System Mechanic had really cut the boot time of windows.The boot time was significant  lower that it was before, windows booted under 10 seconds compared to the 16 seconds it use to boot at.  I would recommend System Mechanics to anyone who has problems with an old computer/Laptop that isn’t performing like it use to when it first came out the box. iolo’s labs System Mechanics is the what i would consider the fountain of youth for your aging computer. Do yourself and your computer a favor and pick up a copy of System Mechanics today.


System Status is Good




Score: 10 Out Of 10
Manafacturer: iolos Labs
Price: $49.99