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Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Collector’s Edition Unboxing

We want to thank our friends at Madcatz for providing us Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Collector’s Edition for the Xbox 360 for review, which you can check out here

Below are the images from the unboxing of this special bundle that includes a Flight Stick Controller:

The features of the Flight Stick Controller are:

*3 buttons, realistic trigger and POV analog stick

*Removable handle provides convenient storage

*Integrated throttle enhances realism

*Aircraft-inspired toggle switches

*Integrated headset port for use with Xbox LIVE


Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Review

As Damage Inc. starts you find yourself as Bobby the son of a Farmer. Your family has decided to leave the farm and move to the city for work, unfortunately barley any work is to be found. Not long after you make it to the city World War II happens and there are jobs everywhere. You and your brother decide to join the Navy, you as a Pilot and your brother as a marine. During the battle of Pearl Harbor your brothers transport plane gets shot down, your new life goal is to find and kill the Elite Japanese Goryo fighter squadron that killed your brother, as you take part in dangerous missions leading to the Battle of Iwo Jima.


Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Trailer


Mad Catz announce Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII arrives late summer on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  We thought it be cool to make a historically accurate painstaking recreation of World War II aerial manoeuvres.  We then came to our senses and decided to give gamers more of what they want, blowing stuff up!  In truth, Damage Inc. should satisfy history buffs and arcade fans alike, taking place exclusively over the Pacific Theatre of WWII.  It begins on the attack of Pear Harbor and features a campaign that delivers over 20 hours of arcade style aerial combat, extensive multi-player and co-op modes and over 30 legendary aircraft to fly.