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Second Closed beta for Legend of Edda: Vengeance to start today


GamesCampus has announced today that they will be launching their second closed beta testing for their MMORPG, Legend of Edda: Vengeance. This second beta will have all new content as well as improvements. The closed beta will run from now until the 25th of this month. In these 11 days players will be capped at level 30, Sacred wars will be run all the time, 3 different battle areas and new God skill that can be unlocked with God Points. New pets have been introduced  both PVP and PVE players. These pets can be accessed from Beast Master and God Point NPCs. Pet items have also been unlocked as well.


RF online officially lauhches ON Gamescampus


Leading online game publisher GamesCampus (, today announced that it has taken over service and officially re-launched the PVP centric sci-fi MMORPG, RF Online. To celebrate the launch, RF Online will host a variety of cool events beginning today! Players can transfer their accounts from the former host to the GamesCampus network, or sign up for a GamesCampus account at


Gamescampus to deploy the open beta for, Tank Ace, on September 1

Leading online game publisher, announced today that it will launch the open beta for its WWII tank warfare third person shooter, Tank Ace, on September 1 at 11 AM PDT.  To learn more about the game and to register players can visit the website at

After a successful closed beta, Tank Ace is now headed into Open Beta.
Using tactical-warfare style combat, Tank Ace is an action-packed tactical-shooter featuring realistic World War II battlefields and vehicles based on actual historical facts.  Players will choose historically accurate WWII tanks and then customize them by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias.



today released new screen shots for its genre-bending, free-to-play MMORTS, Soul Master. Soul Master arrives summer 2010, with the first CBT scheduled for later this
month. The new screen shots show off the armor for the Bearcat, Knight and Priest characters in the game.

Get more information and follow the latest updates at

About Soul Master
Soul Master will feature a unique combat system that will allow players to create structures, progress through technology trees and produce and command units-all while developing a persistent character of their own. With resource-driven RTS combat, Soul Master allows players to create defensive towers, barricades, resource harvesting
structures, and unit production facilities while progressing through simplified, traditional RTS tech-trees that let players focus on strategic, active gameplay in both Team and Free-for-All PvP.