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inFamous Recast?

One of the best games to come out for Sony’s black box might be looking to recast the voice of there protagonist. Sucker Punch might be looking to recast for the voice of Cole who was Empire citys hero/anti-hero. Meaning that inFamous 2 is in the works, All of you are thinking who will voice Cole in inFamous 2. Actor David Sullivan, G4’s The Feed spotted Sullivan’s tweet about an audition for Cole in “the sequel of Infamous” . What do you guys think is this a good idea to recast or you guys really don’t care?


LittleBigPlanet Gets A Little inFAMOUS

Media Molecule have announced today on there website that there next DLC costume will be based on Sucker Punch’s PS3 exclusive inFAMOUS. The Cole MacGrath based Sackboy comes in two flavors Good (blue) and Evil (red), as you can tell there not much to set the costumes apart except for the color of sackboys spark and his eyebrows. Now lets hope that the we get a tow for one deal with this DLC, they can’t expect people to buy both of them a piece. I can’t wait for this electrifying costume to hit the PSN next week on August 6th.LBPDLCSONYCO0018-Infamous-Good-HD-600x337


inFAMOUS Space

Last week I told you about Sucker Punch bringing inFAMOUS to SONY’s virtual world HOME. Today we get new details on inFAMOUS’s new home. Cole’s new space comes along not just with one mini game but two. First on the list is called Reaper Shock which is a scrolling shooter-type button-masher. Next on the list is a UGC (User-Generated Content) mini game that allows you to graffiti a wall that you can share with your friends. For a look at the abandon docks of empire city check out the trailer.