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New Mortal Kombat Teased with Promo Poster


The next big Mortal Kombat game is getting closer to being confirmed as NetherRealm creative director and the man behind the franchise Ed Boon, continues to tease on Twitter. After the poster leaks on the internet, Boon updated his Twitter page with an updated version of the Mortal Kombat logo as his icon, as well as a large wallpaper reading “Who’s Next” at the top of the page.

All evidence at the moment though suggests that the game will actually be unveiled on Monday, June 2, a week before E3.


The Joker to be in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Roster?

On August 25th Ed Boon received a question on Twitter from a follower asking him about the inclusion of The Joker in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

“Jx109: Is there a possibility that The Joker will become a playable  character in Injustice?”

         “Boon: Possibility?  Absolutely.”

With this tweet obviously came quite a bit of confusion because some have interpreted this statement to be a confirmation of the character’s inclusion in the game. Ultimately I think we can all agree that Ed Boon’s statement on twitter was just merely confirming a possibility of an appearance of The Joker in the game.


Mortal Kombat gets a few balance tweaks

NetherRealm Studios has delivered the next hotfix for Mortal Kombat. NetherRealm revealed in April that it had the ability to update the game without the need for patches which i feel all games should do.

Here’s the list below.

  • Reduced some of Kung Lao’s combo and overall damage.
  • Reduced the damage on some special moves.
  • Increased the damage scaling after Kitana’s Enhanced ground fan toss.
  • Adjusted some juggle’s damage scaling.
  • Reduced the damage on some basic combos that were doing too much damage without using any meter.