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League of Legends: Preseason Breakdown

Come check out what to expect in the upcoming preseason changes. Support,Jungle and summoner’s rift are all getting some love with some slight changes. You can expect the preseason to start going live in the next couple of days. See you in the Fields of Justice!!!


24 Hour Rift Live Stream

Watch live video from khrutz760 on www.twitch.tvLeveling while jamming out to some good tunes and answering your questions


Rift 24 Hour Marathon: I am Crazy!

Curious about Rift now that it is free to play? Do you have questions about classes and leveling? Never fear for I am here to put your questions to rest, during my marathon stream of F2P Rift. I am going to be streaming from 11:30 am Today till 11:30 am tomorrow. So if you guys have any kind of questions or just want to see one mans struggle to level for a straight 24 hours come by and say hi. You can find my stream here. I am really enjoying Rift so far and can’t wait to be able to get even more into the game and the community.


Rift: Storm Legion Now Available

Storm Legion, the highly-anticipated first expansion to the award-winning MMORPG RIFT, launches today in North America and Europe. Veteran Ascended can now travel to the ancient continents of Dusken and Brevane where their skills will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against the dragon lords Crucia and Regulos, ultimately determining the fate of plane-ravaged Telara.

Tripling the size of the game world with two new continents, the capital city of Tempest Bay, seven dungeons, and three raids, Storm Legion is one of the deepest MMO expansions ever. An epic questline will open up new adventures, increasing the level cap to 60 and propelling players into massive new zone events and heroic content. Additional features include four new souls (RIFT’s classes), player housing Dimensions, capes, new rift types, and much more.


Rift Expansion Open Beta

An open beta event for the first RIFT expansion, Storm Legion, will take place November 2-5, Trion Worlds announced today. Launching November 13th, the expansion triples the size of the existing world of Telara, adding two expansive continents, an increased level cap to 60, player Dimensions, new dungeon and raid content, and a new player soul for each class calling. All expansion content will be available during the open beta period to those who create a RIFT account and download the client from


New Defiance Screenshots

Come take a gander at some fresh  Defiance screenshots released today! From the makers of Rift, Trion Worlds  and the SyFy channel come together to bring you Defiance, an MMO open world shooter that goes along side  the show featured on the SyFy channel. Will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows in an unspecified date.



Rift: Conquest Update Coming Next Week

Rift: Conquest, the 9th massive update to Trion’s hit MMORPG, launches next week. Adding a host of new features including three-faction PvP, a new raid Sliver, and a mentoring system that allows high level Ascended to play with their low level friends, Rift: Conquest continues Trion’s commitment to ongoing improvement and integration of player-requested content.

Rift: Conquest features:

· Conquest – Choose one of three faction groups for an all-out, cross-shard PvP war in an alternate-reality version of Stillmoor. Battle to control the Sourcestone Extractors, craft engines of war to aid your team, and build up bonuses that last beyond victory