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Justice League: War Trailer

The next film in the DC comics animated films trailer has arrived and looks great.

What do you guys think of the trailer?


World War Z Movie Review!


*NOTE* I will attempt to avoid divulging into any spoilers for the movie, consider this Spoiler-Free!*

If you’re any kind of zombie buff like I am, you’re excited to hear about Paramount’s film adaptation of the popular zombie book “World War Z” by Max Brooks. I’m here to recommend that if you’re a fan of the “Walking Dead” television series, World War Z might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but is definitely a great movie to watch if you have the urge for a summer blockbuster.


World Of Tanks E3 Trailer

Here is a Cinematic trailer for the new game “World Of Tanks” showcasing at this years E3 2013, it seem like there will be new locations to have an all out tank war.

What do you guy think about this game?


Lock N’ Loadout: ‘Gears of War Judgment,’ Lancer Assault Rifle


Hello again, and thank you for joining me for another entry of Lock N’ Loadout.

We’ll continue our Gears of War Judgment overview spree with the staple that made Gears of War what it is today. And that is the Lancer Assault Rifle.



‘Gears of War Judgment’ Haven Map Pack DLC now Out for Free!


Gears of War Judgment’s first official Downloadable Content pack has arrived to the Marketplace a little earlier than the expected April 1st release date, and adds both a new gametype and map to the mix.

The map pack is sponsored by MAXIM and is free to download here on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Note that this does NOT count as a part of the season pass and everyone is eligible to download!



Lock N’ Loadout: ‘Gears of War Judgment’ Gnasher Shotgun


If you’ve been playing Gears since the first one, you’d know that there’s one more weapon that deserves a place on the podium for “iconic weapons” other than the Lancer. This weapon is the Gnasher Shotgun, and boy does this beauty pump buckshot, pop heads, and gib noobs like no other weapon! Ladies and Gentlemen, today we’re getting a little Gnashty.


Lock N’ Loadout: ‘Gears of War Judgment’ Classic Hammerburst


Welcome to another entry of Lock N’ Loadout. It’s been a few days after Gears of War Judgment’s release, and I’ve been having an absolute blast on the online Team Deathmatch game mode killing everyone left and right with the Classic Hammerburst. Now, I’ve had only a few days to utilize this beast of a weapon, but so far it hasn’t failed me at all. I currently boast around a 3.33 Kill/Death ratio to boot! The Classic Hammerburst was featured as a pre-order bonus for Gears of War Judgment, and is in my opinion, the best starter of them all.


CommenTerry: The Cover System and Games


On the eve of Gears of War Judgement’s release, I’ve decided to write an interesting article about one of the most important game mechanics to be added in the history of gaming! Over the past few years, games have changed a lot. Many different game series have contributed something or another that has made or caught on with other games. One of the things I’ve noticed the most however, has been the addition of cover. We’ve seen a remarkable transition in third person games, and one of the staple additions has been the “cover system.”



Gears of War Judgment Early Access goes Live!


It looks like lucky players in different parts of the world have gotten their Early Access to the Overrun Gameplay mode of Epic Games’ Gears of War: Judgment.

So far, most of the players appear to be from Europe and Mexico due to respective preorder sites sending out their Early Access codes. For most North American players, it looks like PowerUp rewards players will be receiving their codes sometime tomorrow.

XP is confirmed to transfer over to some degree, and the Early Access feedback so far has been very positive. There’s been a lot of talk about the class system as well!


Score some Gears of War Judgment Weapon Skins!


Looking to score some new weapon skins for Gears of War Judgment?

If you act now, you can go to and participate in the Gears of War Judgment: Trenches of Judgement application. Show how hardcore of a gearhead you are by clicking on the interactives and score a high enough of a score to get your own “Paintball” weapon skin. (Shown above, application works best in Internet Explorer)

And if having a colorful weapon isn’t your thing then you can go to the site to get the black and white Cobweb weapon skin. Sign in with Facebook and give the page a like to get your own exclusive code!


Get a FREE ‘Gears of War: Judgement’ skin while supplies last!


Brisk has teamed up with Epic Games to give you a rollback skin for Gears of War: Judgement which is set to release March 19!

For a very limited time, you can either go to Walmart and purchase a 12-pack of any specially marked Lipton Brisk Tea OR text “Game” to 87963 (standard rates apply) for a chance to win in an instant win game.

The first 500,000 people to text in will get a second message asking for their email and will receive a code for “Aftermath Baird” which is the Gears 3 version of our favorite snippy, loudmouth Baird. Hurry and text in to get your code NOW!


Rumor of a New Gears of War

It is all a rumor , but supposedly in the next OXM they will talk about the next Gears of War game being a prequel to the fantastic trilogy. It will not be being developed by Epic Games, it will be developed be the studio People Can Fly, recently purchased by Epic Games. People Can Fly is the studio that made Bullestorm. Bulletstorm was a very well rated game, I am looking forward to seeing what this studio can do without the time constraints that Bulletstorm had. Once again this is just a Giant Rumor.