Tattoo’s Badges of Pride

As long as there has been Video Games and Tattoos people have been combining them to show off their passion for gaming, but recently the trend of video game tattoos has skyrocketed in popularity. I myself have a Triforce Tattoo on my calf (Pictured Above) and plan on having my left arm done as a compilation sleeve of different characters. People rep their chosen faction such as Horde symbols or Empire symbols, this is due to gamers being more comfortable in saying “Yes I am a gamer, and proud of it.”

This trend I hope will also help to forge tattoos being accepted as professional so we will no longer have to cover up what is our passion. Tattoos as long as they have meaning and thought behind them are a work of art and shouldn’t need to be hidden. Post in the comments, what video game or comic related tattoos do you guys have?