Texas Wuggle for the iPhone and iPod Touch and Give Away!

I want to tell you about a very cool little card game, Texas Wuggle by 4JSTUDIOS. I normally find myself playing FPS’s and RPG’s, I’m not really a big card game player, I haven’t played a card game in forever but I found this little game very fun and very addicting. Texas Wuggle is a Poker game with a twist that makes it very fun!The art style of the game reminds me of Grand Theft Auto, it’s a very colorful and a cool looking game that combined with the funky audio track and sound effects will put you in a gambling mood. In the game you must gamble your way to the top by starting from an old biker bar and working your way up to a being a High Roller in a Vegas Casino. The game play is very simple and with the game tutorial you will be playing in no time.

In the game you want to get the best hand you can with the highest multiplier, you can find the hand values in the Pause menu in the upper right when you start the game. You start the game with $50 to bet with, once you start the game you are dealt seven cards of which you will use five cards to form your hand. At the top center of the screen you will notice three little bombs, you will use these to blowup your unwanted cards and receive new ones. You are limited to three bombs max and are given a new one on each round. There are two gaming modes Spree and Survivor. On Spree you are able to take your time and plan things out but on Survivor your are on the clock and must make some fast moves to keep your reward multiplier up. I found both modes very fun to play.

Since this is an iPhone game the controls are very cool. You move the cards around the screen by touching them and sliding them over to where you want them, its very easy to move the cards around the table though it can get a little crowded on the screen but you will get use to it quickly. Also don’t worry about having the cards perfectly lined up it, it doesn’t matter the five cars just need to be touching each other to register the hand, you will see what I mean when you play this addicting game. If you have a dollar to spend on a game for your iPhone and I know you do make it a point to pick up this game, you will have a lot of fun with it.

We will be giving away a free code for this game. Do you want to win it, well tell me why below. Good Luck.


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