The Amazing Spider-Man game coming to WiiU

Marvel and Beenox are bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to the Wii U next spring, as announced during Marvel’s New York Comic-Con 2012 panel. Aside from GamePad functionality, it’ll also include several extras.

As has been the typical route with Wii U titles, The Amazing Spider-Man will pack-in the following DLC that’s been released for the PS3 and Xbox versions.

  • Rhino Challenge Pack
  • Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack
  • Lizard Rampage Pack
  • Stan Lee Adventure Pack

Just to spectulate, The Amazing Spider-Man might have been better served as a Wii U launch title, especially since the film’s DVD will release on November 9th, 2012. By next spring, game sales will depend entirely on the console’s staying power, and not any residual tie-in heat from the movie.