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The Amazing Spider-Man (game) Review

The Amazing Spider-Man begins right after the movie leaves off, and it has you sneaking into restricted areas of Oscorp with Gwen Stacy, where she believes Curt Connors’ (Lizard) cross-species experiments are being continued. Gwen’s suspicions turn out to be true, and when they arrive in the labs the experiments react to Peter’s presence and escape- infecting everyone in their way, including Glen.

When you gain control of Spider-Man you’re escaping the Oscorp building, which they use as a tutorial and teach you all of the basic skills and abilities available to you. After I finished that part though, I was immediately reminded of the Spider-Man 2 game, since I was swinging through New York City where the entire city is your playground. It is incredibly easy to forget how much time you’ve spent swinging around the city preventing small crimes, completing side missions, and collecting comic book pages.

The combat is very fluid and easy to get used to, those who have played Batman: Arkham Asylum/City, this game should feel somewhat familiar. The combat and open city are very similar to that series, with the only difference being the universe they’re from and Spider-Man having actual superpowers as opposed to Batman’s gadgets. You also gain experience from each fight, and every time you level up you can upgrade one of your skills, with more becoming available the higher level you are. There are also tech upgrades that are similar to skills, but make your web abilities more efficient. You can upgrade these by finding tech points that are hidden within missions or just by doing well in your fights.

There are also extras that you can check out when you aren’t swinging your way about the city. When you collect enough of the comic book pages that are scattered throughout the city, you can read comic book issues where the characters of Spider-Man are first introduced, such as Black Cat, Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, and even the first issue of Spider-Man itself. There are also different costumes that are unlockable by finding spider symbols throughout the city and taking pictures of them, if you get tired of wearing the same red and blue threads.

One of my favorite things about this game is how your suit reflects how much damage you’ve taken, so you can go through a mission and barely get hit so your suit looks fine, or you can take a lot of hits and your suit will be ripped and be missing pieces of it. This can also happen while swinging through the city, but can easily be repaired by returning to Peter’s home, where it will be automatically fixed.

I’d definitely recommend this game to any fan of Spider-Man, or a fan of action-adventure type games for that matter, because this is one of the most fun Spider-Man games since Spider-Man 2 (in my opinion). It also has a ton of collectibles to keep any completionist (like me) busy for a long time. The only complaints I would have about this game is that some of the missions around the city get a little repetitive, and that some points in the game are too easy or way too hard, on hard difficulty. All in all, this is very fun game where you can spend countless hours doing pretty much whatever you want to do as one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes.