The critically acclaimed Save the Turtles now out in Europe and Australia on Nintendo DSiWare

is happy to announce that Save the Turtles, a compelling puzzle game exclusively available for download on Nintendo DSiWare, is now out in Europe and Australia priced at 500 points. In Save the Turtles, players must aid the endangered sea turtles as they emerge from the safety of their shells and into a life and death struggle as they make a break for the cool blue ocean depths. Boasting multiple gameplay modes and animations, Save the Turtles contains real life environmental issues and puzzles that increase in complexity. Set in real world beach locations, the defenseless sea turtles venture into an unforgiving tropical environment and require safekeeping against predators such as seagulls and crabs. Other dangers players must navigate sea turtles through include overexposure to the humid sun and manmade hazards such as oil spills and garbage.

Save the Turtles features four addictively captivating game modes that include “Save the World,” “Quick Play,” “Tidal Wave” and “Turtles Forever.” “Save the World” presents 32 levels of challenging fun as players try to save all six species of baby sea turtles using the Nintendo DSi™ stylus to hatch uncovered eggs from out of the golden sand. Players must organize as many lines of hatched turtles as possible while keeping a careful eye out for perilous dangers before each wave carries them to safety, thus building combos and racking up more points.

Developed and published by Sabarasa, Save the Turtles is the first of several upcoming titles exclusively for Nintendo platforms. Upcoming projects for Sabarasa include three DSiWare titles, Primrose which is a very different and compelling puzzle, Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology which is a compilation of games created by the award-winning game auteur, and Art of Ink, which is a tattoo parlor sim game. In addition, consumers can expect Horizon, a Balance-Board powered action game, and Protocol, a local and online team-based first-person shooter, to be available on WiiWare™ later this year. For more information on Save the Turtles, please visit to For more information on Sabarasa and its upcoming projects, please visit to