The Flash & Supergirl Musical Crossover

There are reports by DC/CW that The Flash and Supergirl are about to join the very exclusive club of unlikely TV shows that have hosted musical episodes.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti announced this month that the two DC Comics series will crossover this season in musical episodes featuring stars (and Glee grads) Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist.

The odds of the episodes being a success are in Berlanti’s favor, as both casts feature extremely talented singers. In addition to Gustin and Benoist, The CW’s roster of stars on both series includes Broadway vets Jesse L. Martin and Jeremy Jordan as well as pop singer Carlos Valdes. But it takes more than just a tonally talented cast to make a good TV musical episode.

This is such a horrible idea because heroes don’t sing. They’re not super singers with amazing voices. They rescue cat from trees, they stop robberies inaction, and sometimes a national disaster.

Good Luck