The Glowing Void:Review for iPhone and iTouch

The Glowing Void from Assyria Game Studio is cool little game that keeps it simple but fun. Its a reminder of how a good game design can provide hours of fun.

The Glowing Void offers three game types Filler, Burst and Avoidance. Filler and Burst require you to create Blue Voids and the other Avoidance like the name suggest  requires you to avoid collisions with other onscreen objects. In the first two game types voids are created by touching the screen and holding your finger down which makes your void grow bigger the longer you hold your finger down. All game types will include small red balls that move around the screen to hinder your progress and create the challenge. Are you confused yet? well don’t be the game is very easy to pick up and play.

Game type descriptions

You have to create as many voids as possible in order to cover a least 70% percent of the screen while avoiding getting hit by the red balls to progress to the next level. This game mode uses tilt control .

You must try to let your void grow to as large a size as possible to gain more points while avoiding  the red balls that can burst your void.

You must maneuver your void in order to avoid the red balls that move around the screen. This game mode is all about how long you can hold out. This game mode also uses tilt control.

The Glowing Void is cool little that can bring you hours of fun with addicting game play, it my look very simple but it can become very challenging very quickly. Check it out and have fun.