The Good and The Bad Of E3

E3 has come and gone yet again. I have to say that this E3 has to be the best in recent years. We can all agree that last years E3 was a let down, The big tree brought the best they had and boy was it great. Lets kick this E3 wrap with a bang.

Microsoft: One of the most ambitious things to come out of E3 was Microsoft ‘s project Natal,  Natal turns the gamer into the controller. This will be a great way to interact with games in the near future, that is if when this ships it works 100 percent of the time. I myself like the feel of weight of the controller in my hand, I like the feeling that when I press the button i know its going to work how its suppose too. To me natal just seems to improve on what Sony did with the PS2 Eyetoy. With Natal i’m skeptical that its going to work as well as an actual controller, but i’ll hold my judgement for when its release.

One of Microsoft ‘s heavy hitters gets another game. I don’t know about of anybody else but it seems that Microsoft and Bungie just seems to be milking the Halo name for everything that its worth. Don’t get me wrong i love Halo just like the next gamer but at one point too much is to much. Halo ODST looks great but to me just looked like another Halo game. i thought ODST was suppose to be stealth like, more of a cover shooter like gears. I could be wrong about Halo ODST, let me know what you guy think about the new Halo.halo-3-odst-20090601073248947_640w

The game that cough my eye from Microsoft was Alan Wake. The first time i heard about the game was in E3 05. The game follows Alan wake a best-selling suspense novelist, Trapped in the deceptively peaceful Washington town of Bright Falls, Where his latest novel has taken over the town, And his wife has gone missing. Alan has to piece together the clues to find his wife and find out why this is happening.

Last but not least Hideo kojimas Greates creation comes to the 360. In the form of Metal Gear: Rising not much is known about of the game except that this solid snake is not coming along for the ride this time. The game will follow Raiden on this adventure that surely wont be a let down.

SONY: The best thing to come out of Sony was there new PSP GO im a big gamer, So i know ill be picking this bad boy up. PSP GO will be out later this year in october, priced at $250, the price is expensive but this is Sony that were talking about here

Sony finally showed everyone there motion controller. What surprised me was that it wasn’t one controller but two instead. The first thing that came to my mind was that this is going to be expensive specially if you need two get the full experience. Overall what Sony showed was good, even though it is an improved version of Nintendo’s Wii motion controller. Sony claims that there controller is the best and closes thing to 1:1 ratio motion controller.

Lets get to the good stuff Sony showed off what i believe where there big titles. Uncharted: Among thieves looks awesome, Drake is back and his getting himself into more trouble then ever. Despite what some people (Abraham) think this game is a a lot of fun. MAG looks interesting, I’m a big fan of FPS but what really makes me want to play this game is that you can play online with a total of 256 player at the same time and in real time. I never imagine that i would be able to play online with so many , people on a console.

Best game of E3 09 in my opinion is God Of War 3 no questions asked. The game has been redesign from the ground up for this gen console. Can’t wait to finish Krota’s quest to mount Olympus next year when the game ships in March 2010. The game itself looks beautiful, if you look at krotas close enough you can see his muscle’s flex as he is shredding his enemies to pieces. A few new features added to the games arsenal is that it plays in real time, the road to mount Olympus is a lot bloodier then last time with a few guts spilled over the floor this time.

E3 09 was great, gave us alot of things to look forward to for the upcoming years in the gaming industrie. Can’t for next year.